Frequently Asked Questions

Review the following tabs for some of the frequently asked questions about the Helotes MarketPlace.

How can I participate as a vendor in the Helotes MarketPlace?

To be a vendor at the Helotes MarketPlace, each vendor must have a Texas Sales Use and Tax Form. For more information on obtaining that, please click here:

All vendors must register in the vendor portal and then register for an open booth. Registration opens the first Monday after an event takes place at midnight.

I would like to promote my non-profit at the Helotes MarketPlace, how can I go about that?

The Helotes MarketPlace does allow non-profits to participate in the Helotes MarketPlace. Each non-profit must upload a 501(c)3 form.

The Helotes MarketPlace only permits non-profits who are headquartered in The City of Helotes city limits to participate.

Non-profit vendors get a fee waived when registering. Non-profit vendors are not required to have a Texas Sales & Use Tax form.

All non-profit vendors must register on a month-by-month basis.

Am I able to be notified when a booth becomes available?

Yes! The Helotes MarketPlace offers a “wishlist”. A vendor can put booths they are interested in on their wishlist and when it is available it will notify you via email.


*Note – The wishlist is not the same as a waitlist. When a booth becomes available, it will notify everyone who has the booth on their wishlist. Keep in mind that the Helotes MarketPlace staff DOES NOT personally notify staff when a booth becomes available.

What is the weather policy for the Helotes MarketPlace?

The Helotes MarketPlace is held rain or shine, heat or cold, every first Saturday of the month, 11 months per year. If a vendor decides not to attend the event due to weather, then the no refund policy will apply.


If severe inclement weather is expected, the City of Helotes will decide whether to postpone or cancel the event. If the event is canceled by the City of Helotes, vendors who have registered and paid before the event shall receive a full refund.


Vendors are encouraged to follow the City of Helotes on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to receive timely updates regarding inclement weather and its impact on the Helotes MarketPlace event.

What are the hours of the Helotes MarketPlace?

During the fall/winter months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April, MarketPlace opens to the public on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. During the summer months of May, June, July, August, and September, MarketPlace opens to the public on Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and closes at 3:00 p.m. It is free for the public to attend.

Where is the Helotes MarketPlace event located?

The MarketPlace takes place in the Old Town Helotes Special District at the corner of Old Bandera Road and Riggs Road, extending up Old Bandera Road near John T. Floore Country Store. The physical address is 14391 Riggs Road, Helotes, TX 78023.

Can I register for a MarketPlace event months in advance?

No, the Helotes MarketPlace only opens registration on a month by month basis.

What type of merchandise is not permitted for sale?

The Helotes MarketPlace is a family-friendly event designed to offer unique goods to the public. The event is primarily an arts and crafts fair. Vendors wanting to promote a business are not permitted. The following types of merchandise and services are prohibited from sale or promotion by a vendor at the Helotes MarketPlace event:

• Alcohol (open or unopened)
• Animals (the private sale or distribution of animals – pets or livestock – is prohibited unless the transaction is being conducted by a registered nonprofit organization, such as the Helotes Humane Society)
• CBD oil and CBD oil products
• Businesses wanting to promote, advertise, or sell their products or services (such as insurance sales,
travel agents, home improvement or repair, pool or spa sales, etc.)
• Firearms
• Flea market or garage sale items (such as used clothing or goods)
• Offensive, obscene, or vulgar items
• Political campaigns or candidates
• Tobacco

I registered for a booth but I would like to share my booth with another vendor, is this allowed?

Sharing booths is not permitted. The booth is only to be utilized by the vendor who is it registered under.

I having been trying to attain a booth for a while but it is constantly sold out, what can I do?

The Helotes MarketPlace is a very popular and sought-after event. It may take some vendors a while to obtain a booth.

My child would like to have a vendor booth at the Helotes MarketPlace, is this allowed?

Minors may never be left alone in a vendor booth at the Helotes MarketPlace. All children/minors must have an adult accompanying them at all times.

I'm going to be absent, can another vendor use my booth while I am not here?

No, booths may not be utilized by a different vendor during ones absence.

I would like to advertise my business/services here, could I register a booth to do that?

Business solicitation is not allowed at the Helotes MarketPlace.

I would like to pass out flyers/promotional items at the Helotes MarketPlace, is this allowed?

No, this would fall under business solicitation and this is not permitted at the Helotes MarketPlace.

Where can I obtain a Texas Sales and Use Tax Form?

The Texas Sales and Use Tax Form can be obtained from the Texas Comptroller. For more information, click here. 

What can I sell in a retail/craft booth?

Craft vendors sell handmade items, including jewelry, artwork, wreaths, etc. Retail vendors are usually independent consultants who sell items on behalf of a parent company, such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, or LuLaRoe.

The sale of Food Court, Cottage Food, or Farmer’s Market items within a Retail Booth is strictly prohibited.

I want to be a vendor, do I need a Texas Sales Tax and Use Form?

Yes, every vendor besides non-profits must have a valid Texas Sales and Tax Use Form. For more information, click here. 

What can I sell in a cottage food/farmer's market booth?

Cottage Food & Farmer’s Market vendors are defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Typically, these vendors sell vegetables, baked goods, or other items that do not require on-site heat or refrigeration. The items must be produced, labeled, and restricted to items outlined by the State.

The MarketPlace allows vendors to purchase booths in the Cottage Food / Farmer’s Market area and serve certain food products to understand that these vendors follow Texas Department of State Health Services laws and regulations.

It is a vendor’s responsibility to make sure they qualify for this privilege. Please verify that your booth, processes, and product(s) comply with the law before purchasing booth space at MarketPlace. Vendors who fail to comply with these laws or regulations may be dismissed from the event.

For more information regarding Cottage Booths/Farmer’s Market Booths, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services websites: Cottage Food and Farmer’s Market.

Retail sales are allowed within Cottage Food Booths and Farmer’s Market Booths. However, at least 85% of the items offered must be related to cottage foods or farmers market products. The booth should immediately convey the appearance and atmosphere of a Cottage Food Booth or Farmer’s Market Booth, making it clear to all visitors that its primary focus is on Cottage Foods or Farmer’s Market products.
For a visual example of how much is and is not permitted, please click the image here.

Are vendor duplicates allowed for retail/craft, cottage and farmer's market booths?

MarketPlace does not regulate duplicate Craft, Retail, Farmer’s Market, and Cottage Food Vendors. Vendors should use the MarketPlace website to determine what type of vendors will be located near their booth spaces.
When creating a vendor profile, it is important to list what business you are affiliated with, if applicable—for example, Lula Roe, Lipsense, Paparazzi Jewelry, Mary Kay, etc.

Do I require a Helotes Temporary Food Permit to sample in a cottage booth/farmer's market booth?

The City of Helotes does allow Cottage Food and Farmer’s Market vendors to provide samples as outlined by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

In general, vendors may serve samples of food if:
• Samples are served in a sanitary manner
• Served while wearing clean or disposable plastic gloves and observing proper handwashing techniques before preparing the samples
• Produce is washed in potable water to remove debris
• Potable water is available for use
• Potentially hazardous food is maintained correctly and disposed of within two (2) hours of preparing
• Utensils and surfaces are smooth, non-absorbent, and clean

For a complete list of applicable rules associated with providing samples, please visit the Texas Department of State Health Services websites for Cottage Food Production Operations and Farmer’s Markets.

A Helotes Temporary Food Permit MAY be required, for questions regarding this, please contact City of Helotes Development Services.

What is permitted to be sold by a food court vendor?

Food Court vendors sell food made and distributed on-site at the MarketPlace for consumption by the public.

The sale of retail items is strictly prohibited within Food Court Booths.

Are duplicate food items permitted in the Helotes MarketPlace Food Court?

No Food Court vendor may sell the exact item as another established vendor. No Food Court vendor may sell items that are direct duplications of an Old Town Helotes business. All new Food Court Vendors should contact MarketPlace event staff via email at to ensure their products comply with the vendor duplication notice. Any new food items must be approved before
adding to vendor menus and licenses.

I am interested in being a food court vendor but would like to use my food truck, is this allowed?

Food trucks are permitted. Booths are 10X10 in size. If a food truck vendor needs more space, they must purchase multiple booth spaces side-by-side.

I am a MarketPlace food court vendor, how do I go about obtaining a Helotes Temporary Food Permit?

To apply for a Helotes Temporary Food Permit, please visit here.

For any questions regarding a Helotes Temporary Food Permit, please contact Helotes Development Services.

What time is vendor booth set-up?

The MarketPlace does not authorize setup before the event day. Vendors with purchased booth space(s) may set up their booth(s) on the morning of the event from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

During setup time, vendors may drive their vehicles up to their booth space to unload, as space permits. Drive-up access may not always be available. Police Officers and staff on-site may stop drive-up access anytime due to safety and accessibility. Vendors should consider their booth location and proximity to
parking areas when selecting a space online. All vehicles must be moved outside of the booth areas by 9:00 a.m.

Any vendor found driving around barricades may be asked to leave the event without a refund or may receive other penalties determined by on-site law enforcement.

Vendors are not permitted to set up after 10 a.m. during the fall/winter. Vendors are not allowed to set up after 9 a.m. during the summer months.

What time is vendor breakdown?

During the fall/winter months, vendors may break down their booth space after the event ends at 5:00 p.m.

During the summer months, vendors may start breaking down their booth space after the event ends at 3:00 p.m.

During the Fall/Winter months, vendors must be packed up and off the road by 6:30 PM. During the Summer months, vendors must be packed up and off the road by 4:30 PM.

If a vendor fails to be packed up and off the road during the times required they will be issued a warning. If the vendor fails to do so twice, their booth will be automatically canceled.

Law enforcement on-site will determine when to remove the barricades and allow vendors to drive up to their booth space to load at the end of the event day.

Any vendor found driving around barricades may be asked to leave the event without a refund or may receive other penalties determined by on-site law enforcement.

What is the vendor attendance policy?

At each event, staff will go around the market and take attendance. Vendors who fail to attend the event for three months throughout the year will be dismissed.

If a Vendor cannot attend an event, they must notify 48 hours before the event. Otherwise, they will be marked absent. Excused absences are NOT guaranteed.

A vendor can have no more than 3 absences total in a calendar year (January through December). Exceptions may be made by submitting a request 48 hours in advance to the MarketPlace staff. Exceptions for absences are NOT guaranteed.

Once a vendor reaches 3 absences, they will have their booth canceled and placed back on the Helotes MarketPlace Website. Vendors will be notified by email that their booth has been canceled.

Is there a first-aid location at the Helotes MarketPlace?

The City of Helotes provides first aid services during the MarketPlace. Please locate the first aid booth for assistance if first aid is needed. Always call 911 for emergencies.

Where can parking be located?

Public parking areas are highlighted on the event map. There is no parking explicitly designated for vendors. All parking at the event is on a first-come basis and subject to availability.

Where are restrooms located?

Public restrooms are located near the City Booth. Port-o-potties are located near John T. Floore Country Store and the traffic circle. Please see the event map for reference.

The Helotes MarketPlace is sold out but I would still like to participate. Can I set up a table/tent on the sidewalk or outside of a business?

During the Helotes MarketPlace, businesses are strictly prohibited from allowing vendors who are not registered with the Helotes MarketPlace to set up and operate on private property.

Per the Helotes, Texas – Code of Ordinances, Chapter 86 – Traffic & Vehicles, Article V. Parades, and Public Gatherings, Sec. 86-54, it is stated:

“The parade is not to be held if it conflicts with another proximate event, interferes with construction or maintenance work in the immediate vicinity, or unreasonably infringes upon the rights of abutting properties.”

Additionally, under Chapter 86 – Traffic & Vehicles, Article V. Parades & Public Gatherings, Sec. 86-51, a parade is defined as:

“Parade means any parade, event, demonstration, march, ceremony, show, exhibition, assemblage, extreme sporting event, pageant or procession of any kind, or any similar display in or upon any public street, public park, or other public place or public way in the city or gatherings of 25 or more people on private property in the city for any like or similar activity, either of which may reasonably require and necessitate special traffic control and/or rerouting, special police protection, and/or crowd control or other prior planning and which is organized for a common purpose, theme, or cause.”

Anyone hosting a vendor(s) is also required to obtain a special events permit from the City of Helotes, as mandated by Chapter 86 – Traffic & Vehicles, Article V. Parades & Public Gatherings, Sec. 86-52:

“No person shall engage in, participate in, aid, form or start any parade, unless a parade permit shall have been obtained from the city, with the approval of the chief of police, fire chief, mayor, and city administrator. Unauthorized parades are declared by the city to be a public nuisance and a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the public. All unauthorized parades will be dispersed or abated by the municipal police department.”

Business owners are unequivocally forbidden from leasing, hosting, charging, or allowing vendors/participants to sell/solicit on private property during the Helotes MarketPlace or any other special event.

Special event staff and Helotes Police will enforce this ordinance by escorting unauthorized vendors/participants off the premises.

To view the Helotes, TX Code of Ordinances, click here. 

Is the Helotes MarketPlace planning to extend or change the event map?

No, as of right now, there are no plans to modify or extend the Helotes MarketPlace event map. 

Where can I locate the Helotes MarketPlace Vendor Policies and Guidelines?

To view the Vendor Policies and Guidelines click here.