Vendor Registration 

Thank you for being so interested in being a vendor at the Helotes MarketPlace!


Registration occurs monthly in the Vendor Portal. Registration will open the Monday after the event at midnight. Registration for the event will close the Tuesday before the event.


A vendor shall sign up for a MarketPlace account using the Vendor Portal. The vendor shall select their preferred subscription – one-time or recurring. One-time vendors are purchasing a booth for one event/one month only. Recurring vendors secure their booth space chosen indefinitely, and their payment method on file is automatically charged each month until the vendor cancels the subscription through their account in the Vendor Portal.


Within the Vendor Portal, vendors have access to the interactive booth map. The booth map will show current booth availability in real-time. In addition, vendors may add desired booths to their Wish List, if the booth they prefer is not currently available. The system will notify you by email if a booth on your Wish List becomes available. Booths are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Vendors shall review this website for policies and procedures associated with participation in the Helotes MarketPlace event. Contact us if you have any questions.


Click the link below to access the Vendor Portal and secure a booth at the Helotes MarketPlace.


Booth Fees

Booth spaces at the Helotes MarketPlace event are ten ft. by ten ft. in size.


Effective October 1st, 2022, booth spaces cost $55.00. All transactions through the Helotes MarketPlace website are subject to a $3.00 credit card convenience fee. Therefore, the total cost for one booth would be $58.00. All transactions are done online using a valid credit card. Payments in person, mail, or other means are not accepted.


The Helotes MarketPlace only provides the booth space. Vendors are responsible for bringing and setting up canopies, tents, tables, chairs, etc. Booths, canopies, and tents must be weighted down and secure. Staff is not responsible for setting up or breaking down booth spaces for a vendor.