Vendor Types

Types of Vendors Permitted at the Helotes MarketPlace

Art, Craft, Travel & Retail Vendors

Craft and retail vendors sell a variety of handmade items, including jewelry, artwork, wreaths, etc. Retail vendors are usually independent consultants who sale items on behalf of a parent company, such as Tupperware, Mary Kay, or LuLaRoe. Travel vendors sell travel-related accessories or they are agents who assist individuals with planning or booking travel.

The sale of Food Court, Cottage Food, or Farmer’s Market items within a Retail Booth is strictly

Nonprofit Vendors

Nonprofit vendors are organizations that typically promote the mission of their group or provide education about their services. We welcome 501(c)3 nonprofits headquartered in the City of Helotes corporate City Limits with special rates. Contact us for details!


There are a limited number of nonprofit booth spaces available at this event. Therefore, we cannot offer nonprofits located outside of the City of Helotes City Limits a booth space at the event.

Food Court Vendors

Food Court vendors sell items that are made and distributed on-site at the Helotes MarketPlace for consumption by the public. Food trucks are permitted in designated areas. All Food Court vendors are required to purchase a Temporary Food License issued by the City of Helotes prior to participation in the Helotes MarketPlace event.


The Helotes MarketPlace does not permit Food Court duplications. This means each vendor may not sell items already being sold by another vendor. In addition, vendors may not sell items that are being sold by restaurants in Old Town Helotes. For example, coffee and barbeque are prohibited. All menu items must be approved by the Helotes MarketPlace prior to participation. Contact us for details.

The sale of retail items is strictly prohibited within Food Court Booths.

Farmer’s Market/Cottage Food Vendors

Farmer’s Market and Cottage Food vendors are defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Typically, these vendors sell vegetables, baked goods, or other items that do not require on-site heat or refrigeration. The items must be produced, labeled, and restricted to items outlined by the State. For a full list of acceptable items, requirements, and restrictions, review the Texas Department of State Health Services website for Cottage Food Production Operations and Farmer’s Markets.

Retail sales are allowed within Cottage Food Booths and Farmer’s Market Booths. However, at least 85% of the items offered must be related to cottage foods or farmers market products. The booth should immediately convey the appearance and atmosphere of a Cottage Food Booth or Farmer’s Market Booth, making it clear to all visitors that its primary focus is on Cottage Foods or Farmer’s Market products.

For a visual example of how much is and is not permitted, please click the image here

Food & Drink Sales or Distribution

The sale and/or distribution of food or drink items is only permitted by Food Court or Farmer’s Market Vendors. All other vendor types are prohibited from selling or distributing food and drinks from their booth space.

Types of Vendors Prohibited from the Helotes MarketPlace

The Helotes MarketPlace is a family-friendly event designed to offer unique goods to the public. The event is primarily an arts and crafts fair. Vendors wanting to promote a business are not permitted. The following types of merchandise and/or services are prohibited from sale or promotion by a vendor at the Helotes MarketPlace event:


  • Alcohol (opened or unopened)
  • Animals (the private sale of animals is prohibited unless the sale is being conducted by a registered nonprofit organization, such as the Helotes Humane Society)
  • CBD oil and CBD oil products
  • Businesses wanting to promote, advertise, or sale their products or services (such as real estate or insurance sales, medical offices, home improvement or repair, pool or spa sales, etc.)
  • Firearms
  • Flea market or garage sale items (such as used clothing or goods)
  • Offensive, obscene, or vulgar items
  • Political campaigns or candidates
  • Private sale of animals (pets or livestock)
  • Tobacco


This list is subject to change at anytime. If you have a question about selling a particular item at the Helotes MarketPlace, contact us for more information.